Why You Do Not Need To Be Afraid Of Dental Implant Surgery

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Thanks to the technological advances of dentistry, today’s dental implants offer an extremely life-like appearance. In addition, they are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability. Titanium posts are currently the best inserts that dentists use to imbed in the jawbone. Lucky for mankind, titanium has a natural affinity with bone so new cells are able to regenerate without problem and eventually adheres well to the dental implant. Oftentimes, the result is a strong and durable connection.

Dental implant procedures often involve surgery and that’s why this replacement option can make patients think twice about choosing it. However, dental implant surgery is a routine undertaking for many dentists and patients often experience minimal discomfort. A very high success rate (95 to 97% success rate!) is also another comforting factor to keep in mind. If you are feeling slightly hesitant about this procedure, but feel it is still necessary, read on to find out why you do not need to be apprehensive about dental implant surgery.

Dental implant surgery can be facilitated with local anaesthesia

In most cases, you will remain conscious while your dentist uses a local anaesthetic to numb only the implant site and the surrounding tissues. What’s more, dental implantations are usually easier than tooth extraction. And as long as you are healthy enough for this procedure you will encounter no problems when undergoing implant surgery. So there’s really nothing to worry about. If, however, you have any concerns over anxiety issues you could point that out to your dentist. Your dentist will choose an appropriate anti-anxiety medication or sedative before proceeding.

No ‘green light’ is given until the procedure is planned with utmost precision

Before a surgical procedure commences, all the placement details are mapped out ahead of time. This is the reason why dental implant surgeries are relatively minor procedures. At most, your dentist will utilize CT imaging or X-rays to determine the exact location for each implant – for more complex situations. This leads to the creation of a surgical guide that can be used during the actual procedure to create small channels and make incisions that will hold the implant firmly.

Minimal discomfort will be experienced after surgery

Thanks to modern implantation techniques and pre-planned surgical guides being used, there will be very little tissue disruption. In addition, incised tissues are usually stitched with self-absorbing sutures. Oftentimes, patients only require aspirins, ibuprofens or other mild non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to cope with the initial discomfort after the procedure. Only a small number of cases call for stronger pain relievers.

Dental implant surgery is a long-term solution

As mentioned, these awesome implants are built to last. Once they are properly placed, they can last you a lifetime and only require periodic adjustments. Traditional, tooth-supported dental bridges on the other hand only last up to seven years. Without needing to undergo multiple surgeries, a one-off procedure is really comforting, isn’t it?

With so many reasons telling you not to worry about undergoing implant surgery you should also note that there are consequences of not having implants in the circumstance that it is necessary. The leading and most serious consequences of not having dental implants do not only include tooth loss, but facial collapse and premature aging as well. This happens because your facial bones provide support to overlying skin, lips, nose and cheek. If there is any atrophy of those bones, it directly affects those overlying structures.

If you want to enjoy life without worrying about your smile, one of the most effective ways is to consult an experienced dentist who specializes in treatments that involve dental implants in Mississauga.

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