Why Do You Need Teeth Cleaning?

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The most effective cornerstone to good oral hygiene is proper brushing and flossing regularly. Naturally, bacteria occur on the teeth and interact with sugars found in everyday diet. This interaction brings about a progressive disease referred to as tooth decay. Sugars are generally responsible for the reaction in bacteria that causes them to produce acids that break down the vital minerals in the teeth. When the better part of these essential minerals is broken, cavities form on teeth.

The dentist will then remove decay and fill an affected tooth using a range of fillings. Thus, a dentist restores the tooth to its previous healthy state. After a visit to the dentist, you would not want to go back for the same problem again. Therefore, it is paramount to adhere to dental hygiene habits that will keep your teeth healthy and protect your contagious smile. Tooth decay leads to discoloring of teeth that can potentially ruin your smile. The only remedy to teeth discoloring is teeth whitening, cleaning and adopting good oral hygiene habits. Here are some of the top reasons why you need teeth cleaning.

Brighter and healthier smile


Teeth cleaning is a regular habit that you have to adopt. This is because certain things you do like having a cup of coffee, tea or any other beverage stain your teeth. Moreover, when you are sick and get medication from the paramedics, some of the medications can potentially discolor your teeth what with their chemical composition.

Some of the external stains that exist on the teeth are hard to remove and as such may need the intervention of a dentist. Dentists can carry out teeth cleaning procedures that effectively remove tough external stains from your teeth leaving you with bright and white teeth. More often than not, the dentist not only eradicates plaque and tartar from your teeth during the cleaning procedure but also polishes the surface to ensure that by the time you leave the dental clinic, your teeth are very different from what you saw in the mirror.

Keeping gum diseases at bay

On your teeth, you will find a stick-bacteria filled film that is adhesive known as plaque. Plaque is solely responsible for gum diseases. Significantly, plaque usually builds up on your teeth and hardens resulting to tartar, which gives quite the headache when trying to remove. Plaque contains bacteria that release harmful toxins that really irritate the gums hence causing inflammation and gingivitis. These bacteria have to be eliminated from the teeth as soon as possible. If left on teeth, the inflammation will continue and eventually cause destruction to the gums giving way to more advanced phases of gum disease.

Containing halitosis

Halitosis is a condition where you have constantly bad breath. Persistent bad breathe results from oral reasons such as poor dental hygiene, coating on the tongue surface, unclean dentures, periodontal diseases and throat infections among others. Good oral hygiene, which vitally entails teeth cleaning, goes a long way to protect your mouth and teeth from a good number of these oral conditions. In that regard, it keeps you free from these conditions and prevents bad breath that is a constant embarrassment to you and a nuisance to other people. One of the best ways to effectively contain halitosis and maintain good oral health is paying the dentist regular visit for check-ups and effective teeth cleaning.

Keep and own your teeth

When gum diseases gain ground, the concentration tends to grow deeper as the plaque advance and move further down the tooth root causing extensive damage to the supporting bone. With time, affected teeth often loosen and collapse or fall. Therefore, to keep your teeth you have to own them. To own your teeth you need to ensure that you put so much effort to clean them.

Cleaning teeth will keep away all gum infections and make you the owner. Letting gum diseases grow and spread is giving them room to own your teeth and destroy them one by one. Own your teeth by regularly visiting the dentist for teeth cleaning. Moreover, brush the teeth twice a day and floss them leaving no room for bacteria and plaque to build up.

Cleaning your teeth is therefore paramount because of many reasons. For one, you would like to keep your contagious smile and radiate when you smile. The last thing you need is an aching tooth or infected gums that will cause bad breath, which embarrasses you and more disturbingly, is a nuisance to other people. Even more, you would not like to lose one of your precious teeth to bacteria, plaque or gum disease.

Seemingly, the only option you have is regularly cleaning your teeth and visiting the dentist for teeth check-up. Good dentists will tell you about an oral problem and how to treat and avoid it when you pay them a visit. They will recommend effective measures to you that will keep your teeth in good shape after they are through with teeth cleaning procedures to restore your teeth to their healthy state.

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