What You Should Know About Dental Care During Pregnancy

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You are pregnant and heavy and yes you might be very lazy to do the usual stuff and regimen you have been accustomed to doing. Well, being pregnant is no excuse for you to drop the good habits and hygiene. It is your task to make sure you are clean from head to toe to teeth. When it comes to dental care, it is your task to meet with your dentist more than you had ever visited him in the past.


Why is dental care necessary during pregnancy?

We can say this is because for a number of reasons. Generally, oral hygiene is important in anybody’s life and being pregnant is no exception to that. Specifically though, you have to get your teeth cleaned routinely while you are pregnant to keep gum disease away. Gum disease, to your surprise, can affect your pregnancy.

Your mouth during pregnancy

Perhaps, this section will explain better about the real reason to maintain dental hygiene during pregnancy. Picture it this way. When you are pregnant, your blood flow increases up to as much as 50%. This increase in blood flow can go to your gums thus boosting bacteria that lives along your gum lines. When this happens, you will start noticing that your gums become swollen and bleed often when you brush your teeth.

Additionally, when you are pregnant, you should expect that your body produces higher levels of both estrogen and progesterone. These higher levels would denote a corresponding increase in gum sensitivity and even inflammation. This results to pregnancy gingivitis which is common to almost 50%of pregnant women.

Other dental problems during pregnancy

Apart from gum irritation and bleeding as well as pregnancy gingivitis, pregnancy tumors may also occur. These are abnormal growths that may develop in gums of pregnant women. Otherwise known as pyogenic granulomas, these noncancerous growths often result from inflammation caused by plaque. Such problems may only cease from bothering you after childbirth.

Your dental health and your baby

Your dental health will affect your baby. Gingivitis, for one can damage your baby’s health and according to studies, pregnant women who have a severe version of this disease are said to more likely have a premature delivery at 32 weeks seven times more when compared to those who have followed the rudiments of oral care during pregnancy. There is also another study that shows that women with gingivitis will be more likely to deliver before 37 weeks when compared to those without gum problems.

Apart from delivering prematurely, there are also other health risks of poor dental health during pregnancy. For one, women with gingivitis would have usually smaller babies, whether or not they have reached their pregnancy’s full term. Low birth-weight babies are common risks with pregnancy gingivitis.

Dental care for pregnant women

With these risks that come with dental problems when you are pregnant, it then follows that you stick to a good regimen to keep you and your baby in top shape. You should basically brush and floss twice daily. You must also visit your dentist once every six months. In case you feel there are unusual dental problems, you should visit the dentist right away. When visiting your dentist though, you should make sure he is aware that you are pregnant. Ask him about procedures that will help prevent gum disease too.

Well, being pregnant is not a reason at all to be lazy. It is during this stage in your life when you have to take all the necessary precautions you need. Remember, you are not breathing for only yourself at the moment. You are living for the two of you – you and your baby. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly at this stage in your life!

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