What Options Should You Consider When You Contemplate On Getting Braces?

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Dental braces or braces as they are more commonly referred to are devices that are used in the process of realigning and straighten of teeth. They are commonly used to correct crooked teeth, cross bites and various other flaws that may exist with patient’s teeth. Braces come in the form of either structural braces or cosmetic braces. Braces are able to shape the alignment of teeth by combining them with other orthodontic devices to assist in widening the jaws.

In a process called bone remodeling, the tooth is loosened by the braces and then a new bone grows in this place so that the tooth is supported in its new position. Braces are not limited to adults only. Kids can also start and finish this orthodontic treatment process long before they grow up so that they grow up with healthy and aligned teeth. Braces come in a wide selection to choose from. Here are a few examples:

•    Gold plated stainless steel braces. Suppose you happen to be allergic to nickel, which is a critical component used in the manufacture of stainless steel? Or if you just prefer the color of braces instead of the most commonly used silver braces you can request your dentist to fix gold plated braces

•    Clear braces. These types of braces are used as an alternative to the wire braces. It has a more hidden appearance since it blends in more with the natural color of teeth. They are made from a transparent ceramic material and comes with more options to keep it less conspicuous such as clear elastic ties.

•    Smart braces.


They are perhaps the most latest in the design of braces. Smart braces are built with a tiny microchip that is used to measure the amount of forces that are acting on the braces. The major objective of these braces is to reduce the overall amount of time of the realignment of the teeth and subsequently, the whole therapy.

•    A-braces. This is another relatively new design in braces. They are created in a shape that resembles the capital letter A. The greatest advantage of these kind of braces is probably that the user has the freedom to adjust or remove the braces completely

•    Titanium braces. Titanium braces are very similar to the ordinary wire braces. In fact, the only difference is the material used to make them. Ordinarily, wire braces are mainly composed of stainless steel with nickel as the major component where Titanium braces are as the name suggests is composed of Titanium. They lighter than normal braces and equally as strong. However, if you are considering getting titanium braces, you might want to consider your pockets because they tend to be a little pricier than stainless steel braces.

•    Multi loop edgewise arch wire braces (MEAW). This is perhaps the type of brace that is most effective with regard to the vertical alignment of teeth. This brace uses loops in the wire between the teeth to facilitate this. An advantage that comes with this is that you can eat and drink while wearing the braces. However, you might have to adjust your eating habits and certain foods for the duration of the treatment.

How about braces for kids?

A while ago, before the advent of all the different and more convenient variety of braces, braces used to be an unpleasant part of being a teenager. This does not need to be the case however, since you can start the treatment process and complete it before your child reaches their adolescence. Though it may seem like a good idea to start the treatment early, dentists advise that starting early is right for every child. It all depends on the kind of treatment that is required. It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of an expert so as to know if it is advisable for your child to get dental braces in Mississauga.

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