What Foods Are Good For Kids Who Have Just Acquired Braces?

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The mouth often feels a little different with new braces on. To help make the transition a little better, it is advisable to change eating habits, especially for the first few days. This will grant you the ideal opportunity to get used to the new braces.

The good news is that even with braces for kids, the little ones can still eat many different types of foods without having to worry breaking or damaging the braces. They can still eat foods they normally bite into. This can be done by simply cutting the food into smaller pieces and chewing with the back teeth. It means they can still enjoy their favorite foods including fruits, cookies and sandwiches. Other top foods that are good for kids who have just acquired braces include:

Think soft

The first few days of being fitted with new braces will mean the kid may not feel like chewing a great deal. That is fine. You can try feeding them with something soft and delicious like mashed potatoes, tender turkey and gravy. Oatmeal, yogurt, pudding, chili and soups offer a good choice during the first days of wearing braces.

Easy to chew


After getting braces for your kids, a steak dinner may not be a good idea. However, meat should not be off limits. You may consider some shaved turkey for dinner, some scrambled eggs, quiche or omelets. A tasty baked haddock can also come handy. If you are good at making meatloaf you will do well. Therefore, there are lots of protein options that will not make your kid chew too hard.

Try new things

It can help to change your kid’s diet for just a few days. You can try feeding them with some new foods such as a soft cheese that they have not had before, like Brie or muster. You could also try feeding them with a grain, like quinoa or couscous. A new smoothie recipe would also come handy for breakfast. Also try baked apples for dessert or a snack. The more you try new things the more likely you will discover a new staple that can be eaten every day.


A smoothie offers a great option for delicious meals in a glass. They offer a convenient and balanced option. Throw in whatever the kid likes in a blender and add some protein to make the meal more filling. Even try adding a handful of spinach- as long as the smoothie is made right, they will not taste the spinach. An example of healthy smoothie recipe is as follows:

Add to the blender milk (coconut and almond work well), frozen berry mix (1 cup), vanilla yogurt (2 large spoonfuls), spinach (1 handful), whey protein powder (1 scoop) and 3 ice cubes. Blend the mixture until completely smooth, serve in a glass with straw, and enjoy.

Stay healthy

Ice cream offers a great treat that can be eaten even with braces on. However, you want a meal that will give your kid desirable nourishment. This way they will look and feel their best. Eating soft foods does not mean eating unhealthy. Some suggestions for diets on any typical day when your kids get their braces on:

• Breakfast – scrambled egg and add proteins to a fruit smoothie.

• Morning snack – Soft cheese (two cubes), a banana and some fruit juices

• Supper – mashed potatoes, gravy and meatloaf

• Nighttime snack – maple syrup with baked apples

Always remember to keep your kid hydrated by encouraging him/her to drink a lot of water. Avoid sugary drinks because the teeth are more susceptible to cavities with braces on.

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