What Are The Most Common Questions Parents Have About Dental Braces For Kids?

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Although we commonly forget about them, the teeth are some of the most important elements of our body and without them, our lives would be much more complicated and stressful. Actually, just remember how bad your day was last time when you had a toothache or a similar minor dental problem. Unfortunately, some people’s teeth don’t develop straight and in a normal position which can lead to loss of confidence and a dent in one’s personal image.

Well, you might be happy to know that dental braces are the perfect treatment option if you need to straighten or align your kids’ teeth. As parents, we are sure you have some questions to ask and in this post, we will share the answers to some of the top questions asked when they are considering braces for their kids.

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Is my kid a good candidate for dental braces?

You might be happy to know that dental braces can be applied on people of any age group. However, some moments are better than others. For example, it is a good idea that every kid is evaluated by a professional dentist at the age of 7 to find out if the child requires dental braces or not. If the dental braces are required and they are applied on time, they will offer better results in the future. It is very important in this case to pick an experienced dentist who can make a good evaluation of your kid’s dental health. At the end of the day, anyone regardless of age can take advantage of dental braces to align and straighten their teeth.

What types of dental braces are more suitable for my kid?

Again, this is an answer only a professional dentist might provide. However, you might be happy to know that there are multiple types of dental braces available on the market today. You should choose dental braces according to factors like aesthetics, price, any allergies your kid might have, and so on.

The most common are metal wired braces. These are also within the price range of almost all clients and they are made from stainless steel. As you probably already know, stainless steel is an aseptic material which doesn’t harbour the accumulation or development of bacteria and microbes. The metal braces are fixed onto the teeth and kept in the right position using elastic ties.

Ceramic braces are more suitable for your kid if you don’t want him to feel self-conscious. The ceramics from which the braces are made are specially-designed to match the shade of the teeth and make them as invisible as possible. These are also called “clear braces”.

Lingual braces can also be considered if you put aesthetics above anything else. These braces are basically applied on the backside of the teeth (the one which is not visible when smiling) and they have the same positive effects as other types of braces.

Is wearing braces painful?

No, although it is normal to feel slight soreness a couple of days after applying the braces. Especially if these medical devices are applied by an experienced professional, the process is not painful at all. Your kid might just feel a slight discomfort and soreness in the teeth and jaw as the oral cavity is adjusting to these new devices. This can take up to a week. During this timeframe, it is recommended to have a soft food diet. Sometimes the professional dentist who applied the braces might also prescribe pain medication if it is necessary, to alleviate any sensation of discomfort.

How will my kid react after applying the braces?

It is paramount to speak with the kid at length about these devices and assure him that they will make his teeth more beautiful and healthy. Initially, kids might not like very much the idea of having dental braces, but they will get used to it. Also, the initial sensations of discomfort will pass in a couple of days. What is important to note here is that kids with braces might not be allowed to eat certain foods. Also, various types of food remains are more likely to get stuck around the braces, so brushing the teeth at least twice a day is highly recommended.

What happens when the dental braces are removed?

After a period of time, the dental braces will have to be taken down. The professional dentist will undertake a couple of evaluations and X-rays to make sure the results are the one desired. Afterwards, the kid might be required to wear retainers which are helpful for keeping the teeth into place. The dentist will tell you exactly what types of retainers are most suitable for your kid and why.

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