Understanding The Invisalign Teeth Alignment Treatment

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People can achieve a lot when their confidence levels are high. You find that confidence is derived from the way people feel at the time. Appearance has a big role to play when it comes to confidence levels since people are most confident when they look their best. When you are looking good, you can smile at people and communicate with them without feeling downcast. However, if you have a bad smile, you tend to smile less, have low self-esteem, and it becomes hard or you to communicate to people when you seldom smile.

The good thing is that a bad smile is easy to fix. If you have a bad smile due to poor teeth alignment, disease, or accidents, you do not have to worry anymore. Breakthroughs in medicine have enabled dentists to give you your confidence back. If you want to get your confident smile back, consider having Invisalign tooth straightening technology.

Understanding what Invisalign is


Invisalign is a trending technology that has come up with recommendable dentists to help straighten teeth. It incorporates treatment with a tooth straightening system consisting of a series of clear aligners made from high-performance plastic. The aligners come in a removable mold in the shape of your teeth that slides over the top of your teeth. You change the aligner every two weeks and it slowly moves your teeth into position. The good thing about them is that other people can barely see the clear plastic brace.

The treatment process

Treatment begins with a consultation from your experienced dentist. The technology is not very old, and not all dentists may have it so make sure that you get a practitioner who is trained on Invisalign. It is important to go for a consultation so that you can get advice on what is best for your condition. You also get to weigh the financial implications and decide whether you can take them on.

The doctor examines your teeth in order to see if you are a candidate for this treatment. Children are not candidates for Invisalign hence you have to be a teen or an adult to be a candidate. The dentist takes pictures, X-rays, and impressions of your teeth.

He or she uses them to make a 3-D image of them, which helps to map out a treatment plan for you. You then receive custom aligners specifically for your teeth made from smooth BPA free plastic. You wear them throughout the day and remove them as you sleep. You can even take them out when you eat or brush. You change your aligner every two weeks and your teeth gradually move in place.

According to your teeth movement, then the dentist can determine the duration of your treatment. You can even be able to see a virtual presentation of how your teeth will move in time until you achieve a perfect smile. Treatment can take up to a year for adults and less for teens.

The advantages of using Invisalign

• With Invisalign, you can correct many problems including spacing, overbite, crowding, cross bite, under bite and other diseases.

• The fact that you get new alignment pieces after some time is good for your pocket. You can spread your payment process over time, and this makes it easier for you to handle.

• You can eat your favourite foods without any barriers as you continue with treatment,

• You can remove the braces when you want hence making it convenient for you. You can eat, sleep, and clean your teeth without interference from the Invisalign.

• They are virtually invisible hence; you can enjoy invisible teeth straightening which comes with comfort and convenience.

• The plastic is smooth and comfortable hence it does not cause irritation to teeth and gums.

• They are easy to remove, clean, and return into place. They work slowly hence, there is less discomfort on your teeth.

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