Understanding Mouth Sores In Kids With Braces

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When you notice that your kids have crooked teeth, what will you do next? Of course, you will first go to a specialist who can recommend the procedure that is best suited for your child. Depending on your child’s age, using braces will be suggested. The orthodontist will most likely let your child undergo the procedure only after all permanent teeth have replaced the temporary ones.

Braces have its way of straightening your kids crowded, crooked or excessive teeth situation. It can help close spaces or gaps in between teeth. It can also make biting better such that it enables the upper teeth to meet the bottom portion correctly whenever your child closes his mouth. Available in different types, you definitely have a wide array of options to choose from. One problem your child may encounter in the course of wearing braces though is the appearance of mouth sores. This is what you should know about in this page.

The causes of mouth sores

You cannot blame the brace alone for the occurrence of mouth sores if your child wears one. You have to consider the fact that like in any other cosmetic procedure, adjustments will be needed for a certain period of time. Take note that your child’s mouth underwent change which makes it sensitive to these sores. It will often take a few days or even a week for him to get used to having his braces on.

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The brace will most likely rub against parts of the mouth including the lips, cheeks and gums. For this reason, you will have to visit your orthodontist as recommended and as the need arises. The expert will make necessary adjustments and will replace any worn-out rubber bands. He will likewise check how the teeth of your child progress in the process. Wires will be adjusted as well. With all these adjustments, take note that mouth sores will still take place.

Knowing the symptoms

In order to say that your child has mouth ulcers, you will see spots that are either oval or round in shape and are commonly grey, white or red in colour. This is painful because it is swollen around its edges. They occur on the inner cheeks and lips most of the time.

How to go about mouth sores in kids with braces

As a parent, your main concern is how you can help your kid ease out the pain he is feeling at the moment. Orthodontists usually talk to you about the possibilities of mouth sore development in the course of wearing braces and will likewise recommend treatments to overcome the pain that comes with it. A children’s paracetamol suspension will be of great help. Sugar-free painkillers will also do a lot to get rid of the pain.

When the mouth sore continues to develop, the orthodontist will recommend placing a clear wax to be applied on the part of the brace that leads to the predicament. This is best used during nighttime. Certain topical solutions for mouth sores are also available over-the-counter but it will be wiser to ask the expert which brand will be most suited for the plight.

Relieving your child’s pain and discomfort is key when dealing with mouth sores that commonly occur in wearer of braces of all ages. Make sure that the situation is not aggravated by keeping in mind that only a licensed orthodontist should be the one carrying on the procedure. Visit your orthodontist as the need arises. Do not wait until such time that the problem will worsen. Look for experts in braces for kids in Mississauga to avoid complications.

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