Top Ways Your Dentist Can Fix Your Broken Smile

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You should not despair if your smile is nothing to be happy about. Yes, naturally, a smile should light up the face but when you have broken, crooked or missing teeth, it may be hard for you to flash a smile as often as you should. Luckily for you, modern technology gives dentists the tools to work miracles and with the right dentist, you will be flashing a million dollar smile soon.

Technology today allows dentists to straighten teeth, whiten them and even conjure up teeth to replace the ones you lost many years back. You no longer have a reason not to smile again. Apart from the services you get from a dental office, you can carry out simple care tips that will help you have beautiful teeth. In addition, your dentist can help you smile brightly again in four different ways:

Teeth cleaning


You may have plaque and other debris coating the surface of your teeth. They not only discolor your teeth but also pose a risk to the overall health of your teeth. A dentist should be able to provide you with a thorough clean that will remove all debris that cause cavities and gum diseases.

Teeth whitening

A dentist will use teeth whitening to give you that bright, white smile. It may seem an impossible task when you look at your discolored stained teeth but with the right tools and equipment, a dentist will leave you with pearly whites you cannot wait to flash around. While it is possible to carry out teeth whitening at home with over the counter whitening trays, a dentist approach is more thorough for a deeper clean. The dentist may use chemical solutions to remove the discoloration or laser techniques.

At the end of the treatment, you will have an improved look that will do wonders for your teeth. To make the treatment last, you should avoid substances that can stain or discolor your teeth such as cigarettes, black coffee and of course, you should brush and floss daily as recommended by your dentist.

Restoration of damaged teeth

Due to wear and tear associated with numerous years of use, teeth sustain a lot of damage. They get discoloration, cracking or even chipping. These issues can affect your smile in a major way and require the services of a dentist to make your teeth look good. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns effectively take care of these problems by concealing them. A dentist is in the best position to let you know which option will work best for you. Crowns and dental veneers require care too if they are to last longer. These options usually have the same color as the rest of your teeth and no one will know you are wearing them. Observe proper cleaning as advised by your dentist.

Realigning teeth

Your teeth may have grown crooked and they may seem to be almost overlapping each other, while others have wide spaces between them. Crowded teeth give the complications of not being easy to clean and food debris stays in hard to reach places thus leading to gum diseases and cavities. Spaced teeth on the other hand may make it hard for other teeth such as wisdom teeth to erupt, which may lead to ingrown teeth.

In such a case, a dentist will use braces to nudge the teeth in place, thus realigning them. Braces are no longer the preserve of children and teenagers and that is why they are now attractive options that are discreet and no one will know you are wearing a brace. They nudge the teeth over a set period for you to end up with well-aligned teeth. And the time it takes to align the teeth is worth every second.

Teeth replacement

If you have missing teeth, you will be conscious of this fact every time you try to smile. A dentist will help you regain your confidence by giving you replacement teeth that will restore your natural smile. It does not matter which tooth is missing, a dentist should be able to get a replacement for you. The process of replacing teeth either can be cosmetic or will require extensive work depending on the method used to replace the teeth. A dentist can use dental crowns, dentures or implants as potential solutions. Dental implants offer a permanent solution as they lock into your jaw as the dentist places the implant base into your jaw. The implant is the same color as your natural teeth and no one will know the difference.

If you are in need of a dental makeover, talk to a dentist today. Contact our specialized dentists at Dao & Associates Dental Centres and enjoy comprehensive dental services that will restore your beautiful smile. We offer quality services ideal for everyone that includes your young kids too.

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