Top Reasons Why Dental Check-Ups Are Warranted

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Having good oral health is important not just for your appearance sake but also for your overall health. As any East York dentist will tell you, having bad oral hygiene habits can be detrimental for both your oral and general health as this could lead towards diseases related to your gums, infections, having loss of bone, heart disease, stroke and other problems. Checking your oral health and hygiene from time to time and getting your teeth and gum cleaned regularly can help you prevent these consequences from occurring. Here, we are going to list down some of the reasons why we think dental check-ups from time to time is good for you.

Reduce your chances of having oral cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation states that every hour of the day, someone dies from oral cancer just in America alone. When you make sure that you clean your teeth and gums regularly and if you visit your dentist regularly, they will be able to help you detect any early signs of possibly detecting oral cancer and help you tackle them.

Get yourself protected from gum disease


You get gum disease when you have an infection in your gum tissues and on your bone that is holding on to your teeth are affected. This is one of the biggest causes for people to lose their adult teeth. If such infections and bone problems can be found out earlier, then your dentist can offer you early treatment to manage this problem. If you don’t get it treated at the start then it might grow into something major like an advanced grade of gum disease. Checking your teeth regularly and cleaning your teeth by flossing and brushing your teeth more than twice a day are important to help you stay away from gum disease.

To stay healthy overall

More and more studies have been showing associations with heart attacks, strokes and gum disease due to poor taking care of oral health. Doing a dental check-up twice every year helps you keep your teeth and your gums functioning well without any diseases. This has been proven to help you reduce the chances of you getting heart diseases, strokes and other health problems.

To keep your teeth as long as you can

Having gum diseases is one of the main reasons why people lose their teeth as we have discussed earlier. So by keeping your teeth and gum healthy through cleaning and flossing regularly, you can maintain good and strong teeth that will last longer than normal. Keeping your teeth strong will help you through chewing, eating and better overall health even if you grow to be very old.

To identify any oral problems early enough

When you attend your dental appointments regularly which is usually twice a year, your dentist will be able to pick out any early signs of possible gum or teeth disease. They can then start you on appropriate treatments to ensure that they don’t become any worse. Picking out that you have cavities, teeth fillings that are broken, gum disease can help them start you on early treatment to get rid of these problems as these issues are actually very easy to treat and cure. But if these issues are carried forward for a long time without appropriate treatment then you might need to go for more serious interventions and might face permanent teeth damage. You might need to then go for root canal treatments, surgery for your gums, and might even need to get your teeth removed if they are beyond repair.

To keep up your oral health

Your dentist will help you make sure that you are keeping up on good dental and oral health by having a look at your mouth, teeth and gums. They carry out visual examination on your oral apparatus and they compare it to your previous check-ups to ensure that your oral health is not going down. If you are going off track and deteriorating in terms of your oral health, they will be able to get you back on track.

To have a great smile

Having a good smile is important for your self-esteem, so make sure you attend your dental check-ups without fail to ensure that your dentist can remove all the coffee and tea stains off your teeth.

To prevent bad breath

Bad breath is an important and embarrassing problem many people have. The main reason why people have bad breath is because of poor oral hygiene. Ensure you have your regular check-ups to prevent this problem from occurring.

All in all, dental insurance will usually pay for most of your dental check-ups, so dental cleaning and other simple procedures will be included. Use this to your benefit by attending your dental check-ups without defaulting from them, since it is free of charge for you anyway! Also, when you are facing problems with your oral health, you can discuss this with your dentist to come up with a mutual agreement on what type of treatment you should go through. They will tell you the cost and the procedure involved in each of these treatments for you to make a wise decision.

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