Tips On Maintaining Oral Health Care For The Elderly

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As we get older, our dental hygiene and health is still very important as when we were kids. Dental health is connected to general well-being of our bodies and health. Visiting Dao & Associates Dental Centers will help you understand the changes one undergoes through on dental health as our age progresses. We will look at some tips that can help you maintain oral health and how to take care of yourself so that you can experience quality life to the fullest.

Keep brushing and flossing

brushing and flossing

The elderly still need to brush at least twice in a day and floss as frequent. As we grow older, some people tend to lose some teeth and others have to use dentures due to teeth loss but this does not mean that you don’t need to brush as often. Older people have high risks of cavities. Your dentist will advise on the best methods to go about this and which products will best suit your case. Drinking fluoridated water is encouraged among the elderly as this will help you defend against cavities.

Taking care of a dry mouth

Some features of aging such like chronic medical conditions and regular medication can increase the risk of a dry mouth. You can consult a dentist or a doctor if this dryness is caused by the type of medication you are taking. Sometimes adjusting the dose or even trying a new medicine can alleviate this problem.

In case you suffer from this condition there are various ways you can treat a dry mouth. You need to increase the amount of fluids you take in. you can frequently rinse your mouth with water. There are recommended saliva substitutes in the market although it is wise to seek advice from your dentist before you purchase any product.

Chewing increases the production of saliva in the mouth and there are specially formulated chewing gums that can help to reduce dryness in the mouth. After brushing most people use mouthwashes, this is ok but be careful to choose products that are non-alcoholic based. You can get a lip moisturizer, suck on sugarless hard candies to keep your mouth active. Elderly people are advised to avoid dry and salty foods which can cause dehydration.

Caring for your dentures

As we grow older we lose few of our teeth and sometimes we need to use dentures. Dentures also need to be taken care of and kept clean and hygienic. There are special toothpastes used which are specifically made for dentures. You need to take care of dentures with the same care you would real teeth. Find a soft brush to clean your gums to remove any food particles stuck and also remove bacteria. In case you have partial dentures ensure that you floss before putting them back in. when you sleep at night take a glass of water and let your denture stay there overnight after cleaning them. Your dentist can also give you more tips on how to care on your dentures and what best suits your situation.

Gum disease

Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, affects nearly 64 percent of people aged over 65 years. Gum disease does not only affect the elderly but also other age groups. This is mostly brought about by poor hygiene which can be easily taken care of by regular cleaning of teeth and regular check up by your dentist.

As we get older, our daily routines change also. To keep that healthy smile will mean that you need to adjust to these changes in your life and continue with good dental hygiene habits.

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