These Eating Habits Work Best With New Braces!

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Your mouth will feel different when you get new braces. During this stage, your teeth actually undergo a transition especially if you had misaligned or crooked teeth. It is important to change your eating habits to make the transition much smoother. What you put into your mouth during the first few days of getting braces really matters a lot. The following are recommendable suggestions of dental practices that can help you enhance the healing process and the overall outcome of the braces.


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Smoothies are ideal because they offer a convenient and balanced option when you need to take something that is healthy for your teeth. In that regard, you can simply put anything you like into the blend and add protein products to make it healthier. You can add spinach and ground carrots into the mixture before blending.

For a perfect smoothie, you can use an ingredient list that comprises of milk, 2-3 large spoonfuls of vanilla or strawberry yoghurt, one cup of frozen berry mix, ground carrot, several ice cubes, one scoop of whey protein and a handful of spinach. With all these ingredients, you can make a delicious and healthy smoothie.

Chewing softly

During the first few days after acquiring new braces, you may not feel like putting into your mouth anything that is hard to chew. However, it does not restrict you from enjoying certain delicious and soft foods such as mashed potatoes, gravy and tender turkey. You may also consider other meals such as pudding, soup, yoghurt and oatmeal, which are healthy for your teeth. Most dentists will recommend soft foods such as scrambled eggs and baked haddock, which you can eat without worrying about your teeth and the new braces during the first few days. Stick to soft foods for a smoother dental transition.

Trying new foods

After spending quite a number of days with your new braces, you can try out new foods. In that case, you may consider soft cheese especially if it has been long before you had one. You may also consider baked apple for dessert or breakfast. Trying out new things makes it possible for you to discover the most ideal staple food for your daily diet program. With time, you can slowly adapt to foods that are less tender. This makes it possible to chew hard foods again after a while.

Live healthy

Sometimes it is very easy for you to fall into the ice cream trap especially if you have sugar craving. Ice cream and other sugary foods may sound like a good treat but they are not going to give you the nourishment you require to get your teeth in the best shape. Keep in mind that eating soft food does not mean eating unhealthily. Therefore, you need to eat healthy foods and visit the dentist for dental cleaning in Leaside. Dental cleaning helps remove food particles that may be caught in the braces thus interfering with the recovery process.

When you are on new braces, it is essential to ensure that you eat healthy. It is also important to ensure that you do not engage in activities that may expose your teeth and gums to harm. Dental injuries interfere with the healing process. Braces are the best solution for misaligned and crooked teeth.

Making an appointment with a dentist offers you a chance to know your dental condition and the best treatment in case you have a dental problem. Dental cleaning is vital for the best outcome. Healing will usually take several months when you get new braces. After some time, you may have to visit your dentist again to replace the braces.

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