The Condition Of Your Teeth Can Tell You About Other Hidden Health Issues

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Teeth, gums and all other vital tissues of the mouth say a lot about your health. Generally, your mouth is an integral part of the body and plays a vital role in the consumption of foods, which offer vital nutrients to the body. What is seen in the mouth reveals how other significant body organs are affected. It is important to observe oral healthy by brushing teeth and flossing daily. In addition, regular dental checkups help you to deal with dental problems at early stages and gives assurance of healthy teeth. The following are dental problems that are indicative of other health issues:

Worn flat teeth

When people sleep at night, they grind their teeth without consciously knowing. Quite a number of people are usually taken aback when they find out that they are teeth grinders. Moreover, they barely have any idea on the effects of grinding teeth at night. Research indicates that grinding and crunching teeth is a clear sign of psychological and emotional stress. Some of the signs that you can look out for to know if you grind teeth include jaw ache (due to clenching) and a feeling of flatness on teeth surface. Frequent headache is also another indicator that you grind your teeth.

Persistent sores


People often bite mouth inside since it is a nervous habit. In some cases, people bite the gums accidentally and create sores. Over time, theses sores heal and disappear. However, if you bite the inside of your mouth and get open sores that fail to disappear within a week or so, you need to find your way to a Leaside dentist. You can tell you are safe after biting your gums if it is restored to the usual pink color. Persistent sores that turn the gums white or red are usually an indication of oral cancer, which is quite common in smokers.

Gum growth

In certain cases, you may notice that your gums are growing over your teeth especially if you are under prescription drugs for health implications such as heart disease and seizures. In this regard, it is important to raise the issue with the doctor who prescribed the medication for you. When the gums swell to the point of growing over the teeth, it calls for a need to adjust the medication prescribed by a doctor. If you visit a dentist over this matter, he will recommend that you get dosage adjustment from your doctor to alleviate the situation.

Dry mouth

Some of the factors that lead to a dry mouth include smoking, dehydration, medications and allergies among others. Although people are aware of some of these factors, there are others that are barely known. Lack of enough saliva in the mouth is usually an indication of two autoimmune health issues, which are diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome.

Sjogren’s syndrome is a condition where the white blood cells attack the glands that are responsible for producing moisture in the mouth. Diabetes is a condition related to insufficient or excessive glucose in the blood. Therefore, you need to seek medical attention to treat these health conditions and reduce dry mouth. Dentists can also help you deal with dry mouth if diabetes and Sjogren’s syndrome are not the causative agents.

These are some of the health issues echoed when you have dental problems. It is recommendable to visit the dentist regularly to know your dental condition. There may be underlying dental problems that could bring about problems down the road. Visiting a dentist helps you to know existing dental problems and get effective treatment. With fewer dental problems, you will not worry about health issues that result in the process.

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