Stuck Choosing Between Invisalign And Traditional Dental Braces?

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In the past, many orthodontic treatments included the use of braces, but Invisalign is one of the alternatives that are fast gaining traction and popularity among many patients around the world. These are just a few of the many techniques used by dental surgeons and professionals to straighten the teeth of patients. Teeth straightening procedures give teeth an ideal position, promote proper function and improve one’s look.

Invisalign is a set of clear plastic tray that can achieve the ideal position that was mentioned above. Traditional braces, as you are familiar with, utilize metal wires to get the most ideal position or movement for the teeth. Did you know that orthodontic dental treatments that use Invisalign, do more than just straighten teeth? They are also essential in the correction of bite problems that require special treatment and diagnosis.

The benefits of Invisalign

For starters, Invisalign treatments work more efficiently for aesthetic purposes as compared to the purpose of improving the teeth’s functionality. Hence, patients who have more complex dental issues may want to opt for dental braces. With that said, if you dental issues that are not too complicated, using Invisaligners are efficient and desirable. A set of computer-generated and clear trays are ideally worn around the clock with change-outs once every two weeks. Certain trays, on the other hand, can last for six months to a full year. However, they require a suitable form of retention to prevent the teeth from shifting back to its original position.

One of the main benefits of Invisalign trays is that it is invisible; some people do not want anyone to know that they are using or wearing braces. Additionally, they allow wearers to feel much more comfortable in social situations. Furthermore, wearing them is physically comfortable and does not affect one’s speech.

Invisalign trays do not contain any sharp or protruding bits or edges. Such braces also reduce the potential risk and damage that may be caused by traditional braces when one suffers from gum problems. Dental patients who opt for Invisalign also undergo a treatment that is fully computerized. This means they know what to expect and how long they need to wear it. Metal braces often subject patients to trial-and-error situations, giving no clear idea of the outcome. Invisalign treatments only take up to a year or a year and a half, meaning patients can expect quicker results.

The benefits of traditional dental braces


Most traditional dental braces feature brackets that run along a wire. A trained dental professional or an orthodontist is in charge of affixing the braces onto the patient’s teeth. The brackets and wire that form the dental braces are pressed against the teeth of the patient. The braces are able to support light movements and can help in proper alignment and achieve straighter teeth.

Traditional dental braces come into the picture when more complicated issues arise in the process of aligning one’s teeth. Although these dental braces lack the aesthetic appeal, they are functional enough. They are effective solutions for correcting crooked teeth and unwanted closing gaps.

What should one go for more complex cases?

If the patient feels affected by his or her abnormal bite, then traditional dental braces can be used to bring out their best smiles. These dental braces can be used to effectively treat cases when an abnormal bite has to be corrected. This also shows that traditional dental braces should be used in place of Invisalign braces when the patient experiences more complex dental issues such as malocclusion (crowded or crooked teeth) and bad bites. It is essential that the right method is chosen for such cases to prevent any more oral health problems or complications from arising.

If complex cases are left unattended, it may cause problems with the patient’s nutrition and digestion. Difficult chewing and biting may also cause discomfort or pain while eating. Seeking treatment to straighten teeth with braces can help alleviate the aforementioned issues.

What you must remember

There are a handful of reasons that justify why one should not compare Invisalign and traditional dental braces in terms of which is better. This is because that it eventually boils down to the specific needs in a patient’s case. Invisalign treatments are very useful when one decides to improve his or her dental appearance and aesthetic. However, they must ensure that they have simple dental issues to deal with at the start. If you fall into the aforementioned category, you may opt for Invisaligners.

At Dao & Associates, we understand that some adults may feel awkward in wearing traditional metal braces. Hence, we can provide Invisalign braces to you as a better alternative. Keep in mind that misaligned or crooked teeth not only appear unsightly, but they may make cleaning the teeth challenging. Teeth that are not properly cleaned may contract periodontal disease, exposing you to higher risks of bone or gum damage. Simply call us today to have a quick discussion on how you can get started on getting an attractive smile.

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