Signs That Indicate You Need Thorough Dental Scaling And Polishing

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Dental cleaning is a service that everyone should get at least twice a year. This is because regular brushing of teeth may not get rid of adherent dirt on the teeth, thus a more intensive method of cleaning is occasionally needed to get rid of plaque. The good thing about going for dental cleaning is that such plaque is often removed completely, and the teeth then smoothened to ensure that any deposition of such plaque in future is therefore reduced. This results in better dental hygiene and a reduced risk of getting gum disease.

Ideally, such thorough cleaning needs to be done at least every six months. However, this does not mean that you can’t get it done sooner than this. There are times when you may find it necessary to do so, particularly when you notice problems that could point to a growth of plaque on or between your teeth. Some of the signs that point to this include:

Persistent bad breath despite regular brushing of teeth


There are some people who usually brush their teeth on a regular basis, and even floss but still end up having bad breath. In most of such cases, brushing of teeth reduces this bad breath, but does not get rid of it completely. One of the common reasons for this is that there is a lot of plaque on and between the teeth. Such plaque often acts as a medium on which bacteria overgrow, and produce substances that then make the breath smell bad. Of course, there are other things that could result in bad breath despite regular brushing of teeth, including abscesses and even esophageal disease. However, if all of these are ruled out, simply having your teeth thoroughly scaled and polished might be the treatment you need.

A gritty sensation on the surface of your teeth

When you run your tongue over the surface of your teeth, they should always feel smooth if they are clean. If you find that you have a gritty or rough sensation instead, this indicates that you have a lot of plaque growing on the teeth. Once you realize this, you should consider changing your dental hygiene habits if you have not done so yet, and also have your teeth scaled and polished. You should remember that regular brushing of teeth is usually ineffective in removing such plaque, so seeing a dentist as soon as possible should be your priority. Thankfully, the process of thorough cleaning often does not cost much.

Bleeding gums every time you brush your teeth

If you notice that your gums always bleed when you brush your teeth, it is usually a sign that they are inflamed due to the presence of plaque which promotes bacterial overgrowth. The only way to get this plaque removed is by doing dental cleaning. The probe used to clean teeth in such instances is usually directed to the area between the gum and the tooth, where floss or a toothbrush is unlikely to reach. Remember that when your teeth bleed when you brush them, it simply indicates that you may end up losing your teeth soon due to loss of gum integrity.

When you visualize the plaque…

Sometimes, it is easy for you to see the plaque on the teeth, and this indicates that you might need thorough cleaning. Plaque usually manifests as a line of discoloration just above the gums. The thickness of this discoloration indicates how severe the problem is. However, a rule of thumb is that if you can see it when you look at your mouth in the mirror, chances are that it has been there for quite a long time.

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