What are Orthodontics?

Bad bite (malocclusion) is a term used to describe teeth that do not fit together properly. The common reasons causing malocclusion are; crowded teeth, large gaps between teeth, cleft palate and other irregularities. Orthodontists are trained to identify and treat problems caused by a bad bite; the common problems are tooth decay, gum diseases, chewing and digestive problems, dental injuries, excessive wear from misaligned teeth, and speech impairments.

Our orthodontic specialist is available by appointment, and provides the following services.

  • Interceptive treatment in children, to identify and treat problems early.
  • Whatever the age, both Children and Adults.
  • Braces for every budget and lifestyle, ceramic braces, metallic braces, Invisalign and iBraces (lingual braces).
  • Surgical Orthodontics, to correct severe malocclusions and abnormalities in the jawbone