General Dentistry

Root Canal Mississauga

Composite Fillings

Reasons for Composite Fillings: Chipped teeth, decayed tooth, worn teeth, closing space between two teeth

The procedure is usually completed in one appointment. While the tooth is numb, our doctor will remove all decays required, then thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the new filling to be placed. If the decay is near the nerve of the tooth, a special medication is applied for added protection. The composite filling will then be placed, polished, and your original tooth shape is then restored.

Crowns (Caps)

Reasons for Crowns: Broken or fractured teeth, decayed teeth, cosmetic, large fillings, fractured fillings

A crown is used to cover and encases the entire tooth surface restoring to its original shape. It protects and strengthens tooth structure that otherwise cannot be restored with fillings. Porcelain crowns are the most popular type used. They are highly durable and will last many years. The procedure usually requires two appointments. First we will take precise impressions to create a custom temporary crown. The final crown will take approximately two weeks for our lab to fabricate. Your bite will be checked to ensure the proper positioning. At the second appointment, the temporary crown will be removed, the tooth will be cleaned and the new crown carefully inserted.

Root Canal

Symptoms for root canal: sensitivity to hot and cold, an abscess on the gums, severe tooth pain, swelling or tenderness

When decay has reached the tooth pulp or infection has developed inside the tooth or at the root tip, a root canal procedure is needed to save the tooth. Many patients believe that removing a problem tooth is the ultimate solution, without realizing that pulling a tooth will end up being more costly due to the problems caused on the adjacent tooth.

How is it done? An access opening is made on top of the tooth and a series of root canals files are placed into the opening. One by one, the dentist will remove the pulp, nerve tissue and bacteria. The tooth will be thoroughly cleaned, and the inside cavity and roots will be filled and sealed with special dental materials. A filling or crown will be placed over the tooth, protecting the tooth from breaking. A successful root canal procedure typically last a long time. We encourage all patients to come in for regular hygiene cleaning to maintain proper oral health.