Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial roots and teeth, commonly made out of titanium material, that are surgically inserted into the jaw bone. The teeth is then secured into the implants, providing a natural look, and restores the patient’s smile. These titanium implants are very strong and durable, only requiring occasional re-tightening from normal wear.

Why Implants?

  • Replace missing tooth or teeth without affecting adjacent teeth
  • Correct bite problems caused by missing teeth and shifting
  • Restore a confident smile, chewing, and speech
  • Provide better support to bridge or denture, by securing them more comfortably

How does it work?

  • The procedure involves several visits over a period of two to three months. Dental impressions and x-rays are taken of the teeth and jaw to determine gum tissue, bone, spacing required for an implant.
  • With the area numb, the implant is then surgically placed into the bone. It will heal and integrate itself onto the jaw bone. A healing cap will cover the gumline on the implant.
  • The artificial teeth are fitted and made to the implant while the bone heal.
  • Once the healing period is complete, usually three to six months, we will securely attach the teeth to the implant.
  • During your regular hygiene visit, we will monitor the implant’s stability and cleanliness that will help extend its life expectancy.