Misconceptions That Can Cause You Dental Havoc

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While growing up, it is likely that you picked up a lot of information about how to take care of your teeth and general oral health. This means you have many bits and pieces of information that guide your day to day activities in relation to your mouth. The problem is, these supposed facts are not always true. Here are some common misleading ones that could put you in trouble.

Sugar causes cavities

Most people do believe that sugar is responsible for tooth cavities. And while this may be an excuse to reduce the carbs in your diet and possibly keep your weight in check, the truth is that sugar is not the problem. The sugar that you eat or drink simply triggers the production of acid by the bacteria in your mouth. This acid is what causes the cavities on your teeth. What this means is that you can eat carbs and still avoid cavities.

The trick is in limiting the amount of time that your teeth are exposed to sugar. Eating a lot of sugary foods and drinks implies exposing your mouth to the sugar for long, meaning that more acid will be produced. Thus, if you simply limit the amount of time during which your teeth are exposed to the sugars, you will be safe from cavities.

Brushing your teeth right after meals


This is actually the second most common misconception. When people hear about brushing their teeth after meals, they take it to mean that they have to brush immediately after eating. The notion here is forgivable because you may want to rid your mouth of any sugars before they trigger the production of acids. After eating, however, your enamel is really soft. This means that brushing is likely to do more harm than good. Instead of brushing your teeth immediately after eating, you can try rinsing off with water or even chewing some sugar free gum. If you can, wait for at least half an hour before brushing your teeth.

Aspirin can ease toothaches

If you’ve ever been told to place an aspirin tablet next to or on your teeth to ease your toothache, you are probably not alone. For some reason, most people are told that putting an aspirin tablet directly on the tooth works fast for toothaches. The aspirin, however could even burn your gums and contribute significantly to other dental challenges. If you need to ease a toothache, consider swallowing that aspirin or taking any other prescribed medication. Aspirins work better once in the bloodstream and putting it on your tooth is a really bad idea.

Bad breath is caused by bad brushing techniques

A general misconception here is that bad breath is caused by ineffective tooth brushing techniques. Well, it’s true that if you do not brush your teeth well, you could get bad breath. But there are other possible reasons for having bad breath as well. Foods like garlic, smoking cigarettes, having a dry mouth, or even suffering certain respiratory infections could give you bad breath as well. This means that if you are brushing your teeth well and you still have bad breath, you still have very many other possibilities to explore.

I know I have cavities when I experience pain

If you think all cavities are painful, you are wrong. It takes some time for the cavity to develop and cause some nerve damage. This simply means that you do not need to start feeling pain in order to get checked for cavities. In fact, the earlier the better since advanced cavities are way too painful and complex to deal with.

When it comes to your oral health, it is better to find out the facts and start forming healthy habits early. This is especially because you do not want to end up going for a root canal in Toronto because of unhealthy and rather mythical dental hygiene practices and assumptions.

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