Is There A Relationship Between Root Canal And Cancer?

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When a person has a toothache attributed to a tooth infection instead of curing the infection with 3 percent food-grade hydrogen peroxide, dentists often choose to kill the tooth. They do this by drilling out the tooth inside and filling it with metal rods (referred to as a root canal).

However, root canals offer a safe haven for microbes. No blood gets inside the tooth and so the immune system is not in a position to kill any microbes inhabiting the dead tooth. These microbes do not originate from the root canals, but rather some other place in the body (like were cancer cells grow). Some microbes thrive, while others resist the immune system in the root canals. Besides microbes, other toxins drawn from the tooth come out periodically causing re-infections.

Over 200 diseases

It is impossible to cure over 200 diseases unless all the root canals are removed properly. This is because even if the microbes of the diseases were killed; microbes present in the root canals would still come out, re-infecting the person. Root canals are a common cause of a suppressed immune system. In addition, they are a major cause of cancer.

The role of metals

According to research findings, 100 percent of breast cancer patients were diagnosed with other infections including root canals. Since microbes do not come from root canals, what this suggests is that breast cancer cannot become manifest without the assistance of metals and microbes originating from root canals. Currently, researchers are trying to identify other different types of cancers, which may be attributed to root canals. Nevertheless, root canals may explain the reasons why many cancer patients get their cancer cured with alternative cancer treatments, but only for the cancer to come back repeatedly.

Cancer regression & root canals

The state of remission is the state when the cancer symptoms are gone. With stage IV cancer treatment, patients are required to be on a potent treatment of cancer for at least one year. Regression is the state in which a patient gets cancer after going into remission. There are some main reasons cancer patients go into regression.

• They quit their alternative treatment of cancer before the cancer was cured completely. For example, they could have stopped taking medication when their tumors disappeared. This explains why stage IV treatment should last at least a year.

• They return to their old habits, resulting in them getting cancer again. Staying on treatment for such people does not help. When a person has completely undergone their one year treatment, they need to adhere to at least 80 percent of their diet. The remaining 20 percent should not be left to chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream, except in rare occasions.

Root canals & regression

Microbes often cause Cancer and a number of other diseases. Fungus, mold, yeast, bacteria and viruses cause many diseases. To cure diseases microbes must be killed in the body to help restore the immune system to a normal state. When people get root canals, they often create the ideal breeding ground for these microbes. After breeding inside the root canals, they then spread out in the body any time they want. If the microbes are killed everywhere in the body, save the teeth root canals, it is a matter of time before the microbes spread out, causing the disease to spread.

The treatment

The ideal solution is to get all dental amalgam and root canals removed from the body. Afterwards, heavy chelation therapy should be performed. Note that this procedure should be performed by a “holistic dentist” or a “biological dentist”.

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