Is Invisalign Treatment The Right Answer To Dental Problems?

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Dental issues range from mild cases of crooked and protruding teeth to complex dental problems such as overbite, under-bite and malocclusion. If you are not familiar with the term invisalign, you may think that it is a dental solution limited to one type of dental problem. The truth of the matter is that invisalign treatment offers an effective solution in correcting a variety of dental problems. Therefore, if you have overly crowded teeth or widely gapped teeth, you will be surprised by the outcome you get from an invisalign treatment. The following are a number of teeth problems that invisalign fixes. If you have a more unique dental problem, you may have to personally see a dentist to find out if invisalign is the right treatment for your case.

Gaps in the teeth

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How do you know you have gapped teeth? When you look at yourself in the mirror, you can see how your teeth are arranged in the mouth. If there is a gap or any gaps, then your teeth are gapped. Gaping between the teeth usually occurs when your jawbone continuously grows in an abnormal manner. Poor spacing and gaps in the teeth can result in gum problems. This is because there is usually no protection offered to the gums when the teeth are gapped. Furthermore, you are more likely to get periodontal infections. Despite the odds that come with gapped teeth, you can fix the problem by getting an invisalign treatment from a dentist.

Overbite problem

Although people are commonly familiar with the term overbite, dentists like to use the term “over-jet” when referring to overbite. In many cases, when you are suffering from an overbite, it is because the upper teeth are biting over the lower teeth. Some of the causes of an overbite include bad oral habits and genetics. In some cases, poor development of the bone supporting your teeth may also contribute to an overbite. You are likely to experience dental problems such as wear on lower teeth, gum irritation, joint issues and painful jaws when you have an overbite. Fortunately, you can always pay the dentist a visit for an invisalign treatment to correct this dental problem.

Open-bite problem

For a proper bite, both the upper and the lower teeth need to make good physical contact when biting food. If your upper teeth are unable to make physical contact with your lower teeth, you have an open bite dental problem. More often than not, an open-bite results from genetic abnormal jaws. Excessive thumb-sucking is also one of the factors that contribute to open-bite.

An open-bite problem makes it hard to chew food properly and sometimes chewing may be painful. Speech impairment is another problem you are likely to have if you have an open-bite issue. Bad chewing can really embarrass you. It is possible to make the upper teeth able to come into physical contact with the lower teeth by opting for an invisalign treatment.

People may be scared to go to the dentist because of the way their teeth looks. This only makes matters worse because staying away from the dentist is not solving the problem. The sooner you to go a dentist with a problem, the easier it will be for him to determine the right treatment for you. There are certain teeth problems that require specific treatments. Generally, invisalign in Leaside covers quite a variety of dental problems that you may be having. Therefore, do not sit at home wallowing in self-pity because of open-bite, under-bite, over-bite, crooked and protruding teeth problems. See a dentist today and find out the range of dental solutions you have at your disposal!

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