Invisalign Treatment Straightens Teeth Without Using Braces

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When you have misaligned and crooked teeth, you will go to the dentist looking for the right dental solution because you want to be more confident when interacting with others. A bright and healthy smile makes an impression when you meet people and interact. There is no harm in taking invisalign treatment as it is an effective dental solution for fixing teeth misalignment issues without using braces. Before clear braces were made, people had to wear metal braces.

As a result, they felt more embarrassed in front of people. Fortunately, you can now have clear braces to fix crooked teeth. Better yet, you can get invisalign treatment that does not require braces. Here is a look at how invisalign treatment works to fix crooked teeth.

Smile assessment

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When you visit a dental clinic, you will receive a free smile assessment to determine whether your teeth are perfectly aligned or not. If you have misaligned teeth, your dentist will gauge whether invisalign treatment is the best remedy for your dental condition. Fortunately, this is a free procedure that only takes a few minutes when you visit the dentist. If the dentist ascertains that invisalign treatment is ideal for you, he or she will refer you to the best invisalign doctor in your area for treatment.

Scheduling treatment with an invisalign doctor

Invisalign doctors have different levels of experience and as such, you need to be careful when choosing one to get the best treatment. If your dentist refers you to a certain invisalign, you can be sure of quality treatment. However, if you have not received any referral from your dentist, you may have to find an invisalign doctor. Dao & Associates Dental Centers will readily provide you with an invisalign treatment after scheduling a dental appointment.

Taking the treatment

Invisalign treatment uses a modern approach to fix your crooked teeth with the help of custom-made aligners that have been specifically created for your teeth. The aligner trays are actually made of virtually invisible plastic material that is smooth and comfortable on your teeth. You have to wear these aligners over your teeth during the treatment period. Over time, the aligners work progressively to gently shift your teeth back into their initial places.

The movements and shifts actually depend on the orthodontic plan that your invisalign doctor has set for you during the treatment. Unlike braces, you do not need to attach metal brackets or tighten any wires. All you have to do is pop in a new set of aligners over your teeth every two weeks until the treatment is over. The good thing about invisalign treatment is that no one can know that you are straightening your teeth.

Dental care during treatment period

You need to practice good oral hygiene during the treatment period. In addition, you also need to choose the right foods to avoid harming your teeth and gums. There are a number of healthy foods that you can try during the treatment period such as smoothies, mashed potatoes and gravy.

It is a fact for many people that invisalign treatment is the best remedy for straightening the teeth. The treatment requires you to make regular visits to the dental clinic to change the aligners. The aligners are effective for straightening the teeth because they are comfortable and smooth. In addition, no one can tell that you are straightening your teeth during treatment.

Therefore, you do not have to feel embarrassed about teeth straightening. If you have any dental issue, it is always important to consult a dentist so he can recommend the best treatment for you. Dental treatments vary depending on the condition of your teeth. Before any treatment, it is vital to ensure that the treatment recommended by the dentist suits you well.

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