How To Protect Your Teeth From Bulimia Tooth Decay

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Bulimia is a serious condition that affects your teeth in the long run. It is a condition that involves large consumption of foods and self-induced vomiting to prevent weight gain. People who have binge eating disorder may end up suffering from bulimia due to fear of weight loss or self-esteem issues. While this is not healthy for your body, your teeth also get affected in the process. Failure to take the right measures to handle eating disorders and the resulting dental issues causes bulimia tooth decay. Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do to avoid getting bulimia tooth decay. Here is a look at them.

Brush teeth at the right time


Some people brush their teeth right after purging. Well, this is not advisable according to dentists. Even if you are trying to mask bad breath in your mouth, you should avoid brushing teeth right after purging. This is because brushing teeth essentially exposes your enamel to stripping. Keep in mind that when you purge, teeth are exposed to acids. The acids wear off the surface of your teeth and weaken them. Brushing teeth after purging aggravates the problem instead of solving it. In that case, you can protect your teeth by simply refusing to brush teeth (after purging) to minimize the tooth damages that may occur in the process.

Rinse the mouth regularly

It is important to ensure that every few hours, your mouth is rinsed with plenty of fresh water. This actually goes a long way to flush out any acid that may have remained in the mouth after purging. You can make this process simple by carrying a water bottle with you during the day. Whenever you need to rinse your mouth, you will not have any problem accessing water. Keep in mind that sugary water is not safe for consumption. Sugary water actually increases the acidic level in the mouth, which only causes more damage. Therefore, get yourself a bottle of water and start a new healthy routine to protect your teeth.

Chewing and spitting antacid

Antacid is an effective mouthwash that helps protect your teeth after purging. Therefore, you can use it to get rid of the acids that wear the enamel. Tooth decay resulting from long-term exposure to acids leads to root erosion problems. Even though you can treat problems with a root canal in Mississauga, it pays to take precautionary steps to avoid them in the first place.

Visit the dentist regularly

Visiting the dentist regularly for dental checkups is as equally important as brushing teeth and flossing daily for oral health. Whenever you visit a dentist, you will be able to know if there is any existing dental problem or an issue that is likely to occur. This puts you in a position to get dental treatment at the early stages of a dental issue. It helps you to reduce the extent of teeth damage. Therefore, ensure you book an appointment occasionally to keep tabs on your dental health.

Bulimia tooth decay causes tooth loss. You do not want to lose all your teeth and end up with replacements. To maintain and protect your real teeth, you need to make the right choices. If you are suffering from bulimia, you can avoid getting bulimia tooth decay by simply following these tips. You can also visit the dentist regularly to ensure you do not have any existing dental problem that may affect your teeth down the road. A professional dentist will recommend the best oral health practices if you are suffering from bulimia. While medical assistance is vital for dealing with the eating disorders, dental treatments help alleviate dental problems.

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