How Is The Price Of Dental Implants Determined?

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The oral health is very important for every individual and if you need to enjoy good, strong teeth then you should take care of them on a regular basis. However, in many instances, certain people are born with bad teeth. Even from early periods of life, they might have missing teeth or similar dental problems. Well, in this case, dental implants are perfect for restoring the oral health of those individuals as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, you might have heard that dental implants are priced differently in different dental clinics. There are numerous types of dental implants on the market these days and their prices are influenced by a series of factors. If you want to know what type of budget to prepare for dental implants, here are a couple of aspects you need to take into consideration.

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The initial procedures

As you probably already know, your dental implants won’t “work” for someone else simply because they have to be completely unique. To make dental implants unique, the professional dentist needs to evaluate your teeth first. The first evaluations are priced differently and they usually include things like CT scans, X-rays, and other procedures. The dentist you choose will tell you more accurately the cost of the initial procedures.

Complexity of the surgery

Adding a dental implant in your mouth is actually a type of surgery. However, this shouldn’t scare you as it is a relatively simple one which can be performed with little to no effort by experienced dentists. If the surgery takes longer and it requires multiple procedures, it might be priced higher in comparison with simpler procedures for dental implants.

The type of your dental implant and the material used

Dental implants can be very varied, as mentioned earlier. They can be made from the crown, the part which is visible and looks almost identical to a normal tooth, the abutment which is the part that connects the crown to the implant and of course, the last components which looks like a small screw and it is inserted into your jaw to keep the tooth in place. These components can be made from different materials and they are priced differently.

How many teeth you need to replace

If you need to replace a single tooth, then you are lucky as the price for this medical procedure will be relatively small. On the other hand, if you need to replace 2 or more teeth then you need to prepare a larger budget simply because the professional dentists and surgeons will have to work harder to apply the dental implants in your mouth and fix them into place.

The dentist’s specialty, experience, and popularity

Dental professionals usually set their own prices depending on various factors. For example, more experienced and popular dentists will eventually charge more, but you also have the peace of mind that they will do a better job. On the other hand, dentists who are at the start of their careers might be very skilled and charge a smaller price, to win a customer base. Make sure that you assess your budget and pick the dentist accordingly, to get the best results possible.

The location of the clinic

Believe it or not, the location does influence the price you have to pay for dental implants. For example, if you live in a very large city, you might pay a little bit more for the same operation, in comparison with having your surgery in a rural area. This happens because services and products are simply more expensive in a large city. Still, this can also be advantageous for you because in a larger city you have more dentists to choose from and your chances of making a better decision are higher.

The creation of the prosthodontics

Making the prosthodontics is another factor which must be taken into account. These devices are quite difficult to manufacture because they have to be done by professional medical devices and machineries according to specific guidelines and measurements. There is no place for errors in making prosthodontics. How much you are going to pay for these depends on the type of dental implants you require and several other factors.

Additional procedures

Certain patients might require additional procedures performed on their teeth such as bone grafting or sinus elevation. These procedures might be optional, but if they are required and they can improve the health and image of the patient, they have to be done. Such procedures involve additional costs which will be presented more accurately to you by your chosen dentist.

This might look like a long list of factors, but you shouldn’t worry as most of the costs of dental treatments can be covered by your insurance carrier. To find out more information about the prices of dental implants, contact us today.

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