Get Rid Of That Toothache With These Easy Solutions!

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One wise dentist once stated that pain is nature’s way to let you know you need to see a doctor. This aptly applies to toothache because there is nothing that will make you seek out your dentist than just a few minutes of a toothache. It is doubtful if scientists have been able to create any method that can aptly measure the intensity of this pain. Anyone who has had the misfortune of experiencing a toothache at night can really relate to the pain that literally makes everything else not matter. When you experience intense toothache, by all means, you definitely have take measures to mitigate the pain.

If you are suffering from chronic toothache, it is advisable to seek the services of a dentist. Managing with a toothache can be a bother especially when the damage to the tooth becomes extensive and even painkillers will no longer seem to work. A dentist stops the tooth from having further damage and therefore it is easier to treat it. In some cases, you will even be able to save the tooth and not need to have it extracted. And you can do a few things right at your home that will help make the pain more bearable. These solutions can work alone or in a combination to offer adequate relief. Here are just a few things you can do:

Take a painkiller

This offers fast relief and it should be the first action if you have any in the house. Go for painkillers that offer anti-inflammatory action to make your life more bearable. In addition, there is fast acting medicine that works right away to offer fast relief. Avoid taking antibiotics without the direction of your dentist or physician. Self-medication is not an option and you should seek the service of your dentist as soon as you can to give you a proper solution to the toothache.

Brush and floss right away

The cause of the pain could just be food particles stuck on the tooth and placing pressure on a cavity. Gently brush and floss your teeth in order to remove any particles in the mouth. Rinse out thoroughly with a mouthwash as this aids in killing any germs that may be present in your mouth.

Rinse with salt and warm water

A simple solution of salt and warm water is effective in cleaning out the mouth and it will kill any germs that may be causing the discomfort. It also removes any food debris that may be exerting pressure on the cavity. Remember to use warm water as it will not irritate any exposed nerves as cold or very hot water would. This solution is also helpful in reducing inflammation.

Use ice cubes


Simply place an ice cube on the cheek that has the aching tooth near the site of the ache. Avoid placing the ice cube in direct contact with the tooth because if it has an exposed nerve, this would double the pain. An ice pack would be an ideal option to apply a cooling effect on the tooth.

Cloves, garlic and other home remedies

You can bite or place a clove on the tooth that has the problem. The clove seed has antibacterial agents and offers an analgesic effect that numbs the tooth. You can also make a solution from crushed cloves and use this to rinse out your mouth. Garlic also offers an effective pain relief when you place it on your aching tooth or just chew it. It offers the same effect as when you would chew an onion for tooth pain relief. A solution of salt and pepper also offers effective pain relief for toothaches. Using this as a rinse should give the much needed relief.

Make an appointment to see your dentist

For a permanent solution, make an appointment to see your dentist. A dentist will offer various treatment options that effectively take care of toothaches. Depending on the cause and extent of the damage to the tooth, a simple drilling and use of filling will suffice. However, for extensive damage to the tooth, the dentist may need to carry out a root canal that will take care of the problem once and for all. A root canal process kills all the nerves in the gum, meaning that you will not feel pain again from the tooth. After killing the nerves, the dentist fills in the hole and you will feel as good as it were before the problem started.

At Dao & Associates Dental Centres, we offer treatment for all teeth problems including toothaches. We carryout extensive examination to determine the cause of the pain and the status of the tooth before we offer a solution that will work for you. All root canal treatments offered at our dental centers guarantee that we fully address the cause of your toothache. Get in touch with us today and let those toothache episodes be something of the past!

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