Ever Wondered Why Modern Braces Are Going Places With The Young Ones?

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Teeth alignment can pose a problem both to the health of the teeth as well as socially if proper method is not used or if it is not handled by experienced dentist. Anyone who has had to deal with misaligned teeth can give horrifying accounts of how the teeth made their life miserable at one point or another. Speech impairment, self-conscious smiles and even dental cavities and diseases should be reasons enough for you to pay attention when the family dentist recommends dental braces for your young children and teenagers.

Technology has made it such that it is now easier and faster to get teeth aligned, thus limiting the period your children will take to wear the teeth aligners. Modern aligners will therefore address all concerns you may have when your children have to wear braces to help align their teeth. There are reasons for your kid to enjoy when you go for modern braces as described below:

Discreet straightening of teeth

Children and teenagers are at a sensitive age and they are prone to peer influences as well. They are also conscious of their image and they will go to great lengths not to stand out in the crowd for all the wrong reasons. While braces are helpful for the future appearance, they do not have to be torture instruments that other children will use to make your child’s life miserable. Modern options offer the use of clear aligners that blend with the teeth and no one will be the wiser that your child is wearing braces. Even if you do not opt for the clear plastic, there are stylish metal braces that look great, as the metal holders are smaller and thus more discreet.

No limits on diet

Modern braces do not attach to the teeth and gum, so they are easily removable for when your child wants to enjoy a favorite dish. Traditional braces were not easily removable and users had to avoid certain foods to protect the brace from damage as well. With modern braces, your child can remove them to enjoy a meal and put them back once the meal is over. Again, the braces are not supposed to impose limitations to what the child can do even if it is for future benefit. With modern braces, your young child or teenagers will still enjoy life without having to deal with torturous limitations such as not being able to enjoy a delicious dessert that everyone else is having.

Better dental hygiene

The fact that the braces are easily removable makes it easy for your child to brush his or her teeth and carry out other dental hygiene practices. It makes it possible to clean all surfaces of the teeth and floss well. In addition, it is easy to clean the braces as well, hence removing the risk of harboring germs and other food debris that can be harmful to the teeth. And with these braces, you do not have to worry about additional complications from the use of the corrective teeth aligners.


You should note that these braces are made of a variety of materials including plastic and metal, and therefore lack sharp edges and other uncomfortable components that can irritate the gums or cause any discomfort. Therefore, they are the best option for your children as you will have an assurance that they will not have any discomfort. The child or teenager should not be conscious of the braces due to discomfort but should go along with his or her activities. As a requirement, the treatment for misaligned teeth should be as pain free as possible. So, modern braces allow for gradual adjusting therefore making the whole process bearable and pain free as well. They also make it easier for the dentist to gauge the progress made.

Shorter treatment period

Initially, the traditional options offered a treatment period of about 2 years. Today, the modern braces offer the option of a shorter treatment period and it can give up to 6-8 months of treatment depending on the severity of the misalignment. This is good news for any kid r teenager who wants the treatment over and done with. It is also a great option for young children who are fussy and may not have the patience to wear braces for long periods. Modern braces make the treatment a breeze and not a long torturous experience that will traumatize your child for years to come.

When choosing braces for young children and teenagers, the selection criteria may be different. Talk to a dentist who will be able to offer the best advice when it comes to braces for kids. At Dao & Associates Dental Centres, we offer free consultation for this and at the end of the appointment, you will know what your young child truly needs. You can also access other comprehensive services for all your family’s dental needs. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for your young child or teenager.

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