Erase Their Dental Fears: Helping Your Child Cope When Wearing Braces

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Braces are very popular in the world of orthodontic treatments. They are used to make teeth straighter and to give that person the attractive smile they have always wanted. Of course, they are loved for the health benefits they can give, the promotion of overall dental health included. They can help alleviate headache, earache, sleep apnea and jaw pain among others plus they can also correct bite problems.

The popularity of braces have grown strongly through the years that many of you parents out there may be seeking the same treatment for your child at the moment. The procedure is not that easy at all and with your kids having to visit the dentist once in a while to make sure that the process is a success, there are generally a lot of things to be brought to mind in order to help them cope. Here is what you can do to erase their fears and encourage them to get that beautiful smile with their braces on (at least temporarily).


Good oral hygiene must be encouraged

Braces are available in different types and yes, removable versions are now available. For your child, however, the fixed brace is highly recommended. Fixed braces work better in that they are expected to deliver better results while making sure that the teeth and jaws are properly repositioned during the process.

When your kids are wearing such braces, it would be good to encourage oral hygiene. With fixed braces around their teeth, an increased tendency of trapping food debris and plaque is possible. When your child will not push effort to promote oral hygiene, chances are these particles will turn into tooth enamel stains that will defeat the purpose of having attractive teeth. Add to that the fact that the metal in braces could produce a reaction on the teeth thus causing development of light spots all over as if the teeth are bleached. Brushing after every meal would be good but it would be best to get the special orthodontic floss from your dentist too to get into particles trapped in between their teeth.

Help them make better food choices

Your orthodontist will basically give you a food list. This would include both foods that should be avoided and those that your child should eat. Basically, kids are discouraged from chewing gum and eating dried fruits or sticky candies. These ones are difficult to remove and can stick to the braces. Foods that can loosen the brackets or break the metal wires that connect braces should also be avoided. Of course, as a parent, you would still want your kids to eat healthy all the time even with their braces on. If you think they need some dose of vegetables like carrots or fruits such as apples, it would be wise to cut them to bite-size pieces before giving them to your child.

Be there with their every discomfort

As the braces reposition the teeth and the jaws of your child, expect a sudden outburst of discomfort from them. This happens every time the orthodontist has to make adjustments to the braces. During this period of adjustment, it would be good to give your children a prescribed OTC painkiller. Make sure too that they are fed with soft food only. Your pediatric dentist could also apply some orthodontic wax to cover the brace’s wires until such time that they can be properly adjusted.

It may take some time before braces finally give the results you and your children always want for their teeth. It is your duty then to be there for them in every step of the way. Additionally, you are tasked to come to a reliable orthodontist like us who can make wearing braces less of a hassle.

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