Dental Complications That Can Result From Eating Disorders

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It is important to have proper habits to maintain when it comes to your diet. This is because dietary habits can affect your oral health if you are not keen enough on what you put into your mouth. For many people, smile is such an important thing. No one would like to lose the gift of a natural smile due to dental problems.

While many people are fully aware that consumption of sugary foods leads to dental complications, few actually understand the ramifications of eating disorders. An eating disorder may lead to lingering or permanent damages to your teeth and mouth. Therefore, it is important to treat eating disorders at the early stages. The following elaborates more on some of the dental complications that result from eating disorders.

Bleeding gums


Bleeding of the gums is one of the dental problems experienced when you have an eating disorder. The gums and other tissues in your mouth bleed easily because of lack of proper nutrition. In addition, the glands responsible for producing saliva in the mouth swell. In some case, you may experience drying of the mouth. Proper nutrition is a key factor for oral health. Foods such as fruits and milk are recommended for strong healthy teeth and gums. Taking plenty of water helps keep the mouth hydrated and prevents it from drying.

Tooth decay and disease

Calcium, iron and B vitamins are vital for dental health. Deficiency in any of these vital nutrients and others raises the chances of getting tooth decay and gum infections. These nutrients complement each other. For instance, if a person is taking foods rich in calcium, he or she has to take foods rich in vitamin D to allow calcium absorption into the body. The lack of iron leads to growth of sores in the mouth. As for vitamin B3, you will have a bad breath if you do not take foods rich in it. Deficiencies in most of these nutrients essentially lead to gum issues and tooth decay.

Physical changes on the teeth

A person who has eating disorders may vomit a lot depending on the type of eating disorder. Strong stomach acid usually results when there is frequent vomiting. Vomiting also exposes the teeth to strong acid produced by the stomach. As a result of this, the enamel changes in shape, color, and length. Over time, teeth become weaker and translucent. The edge of the teeth may easily break. If you fail to seek dental help, you may lose your precious smile due to tooth loss.

Physical changes on the mouth

Eating disorders also cause purging, which results in scratches, cuts and redness inside the mouth. The softer palate is affected most by purging. This is a serious dental problem according to professional dentists. When you visit a dentist, you will get effective dental treatment and tips to reduce purging. It is rare to have cases of the soft palate getting bruises and cuts when you eat healthily. Therefore, eating healthily will help minimize the chances of getting issues.

It is important to eat healthily. For a fact, cases of eating disorders do exist. However, you should not let it affect your dental health. When you realize that you are suffering from an eating disorder, you need to seek medical help at the early stages. If you wait too long, you will end up with serious dental issues. For people who are already suffering from dental issues due eating disorders, dentists can help them fix various oral issues and recommend tips for healthy eating. After receiving effective dental treatment, you need to ensure that you eat a balanced diet. You also need to visit the dentist regularly for oral health.

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