Common Dental Health & Cosmetic Services You Should Be Aware Of

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Dentists are probably one of the most commonly visited health practitioners. They specialize in diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases and conditions that affect the teeth and mouth in general. You have probably been to a dentist once or twice before for any of their services. However, how much do you know about the variety of services that they offer? Dentists can normally handle almost all issues related to oral hygiene as well as treatment with regard to cosmetics or structural positioning of the teeth. Check out some of the dental health & cosmetic services that dentists offer:

Dental implants

This is a process that is used to fix or reconstruct defects that may exist in a tooth. It is basically a process of installing a surgical component that is going to connect with the jaw bone, in order to support dental prosthesis. Artificial materials that are able to form a bond with the jaw bone are used and the most commonly used is titanium. In this process, the first component to be placed is the implant fixture. It is the part that is going to act as the root of the new tooth. Then an abutment is placed before finally, the dental prosthetic is placed. The abutment is used to hold the dental prosthetic which is essentially the new tooth.



Invisalign is a transparent device that is used to adjust the teeth formation. It is used as an alternative to the more common wire braces. It uses molds that cover the whole tooth, which means that they have to be custom made for each patient. The process of Invisalign treatment is as follows: A mold of the patient’s teeth is taken. It is then scanned by a computer which is going to determine the mold needed depending on the current teeth positions and the desired position. After that, the computer can now be able to generate the desired mold.

Root canal treatment

In root canal treatment, a process of treating the infected pulp of a tooth is undertaken so as to prevent microbial invasion of the tooth. As the name might suggest, root canal and the pulp are located deep within the roots of your teeth. In this treatment process, a cavity is created within the unhealthy tooth. This is to provide access to the infected pulp. Then the root canals are treated, reshaped and cleaned. The pulp is cleaned out. Afterwards, the initial cavity that was created is filled and the tooth is restored.

Dental braces

Braces are used to correct a wide array of dental flaws such as: under bites, overbites, cross bites deep bites and such. However, braces are more often than not used to align teeth and straighten them to a more natural or desired position. In the process of fitting braces, the first step is to take x-rays and tooth impressions in order to determine the underlying cause of the crooked alignment. Then a 3 dimensional model of the patients gum and teeth is produced by a laser scanner from the dental impressions. Then a computer is used to simulate the treatment and select a treatment that will produce the best results.

Dental cleaning

Just as the name suggests, dental cleaning refers to oral hygiene and includes the removal of plaque from teeth. The main aim of dental cleaning is to prevent disasters such as cavities or gingivitis. You might think that dental cleaning doesn’t necessarily need to be conducted by a dentist since you actually brush and floss your teeth occasionally. However, the truth is during dental cleaning in Mississauga, the dentist can remove hardened substances such as tartar from teeth in order to maintain proper dental hygiene – something you cannot achieve from merely brushing the teeth.

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