Are Your Children Exposed To Good Dental Hygiene Habits?

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One good habit that should be instilled among young children is to practice good dental hygiene. These oral care practices that kids learn during their early years will push through until they get old and will help them promote lifelong health of both teeth and gums. The best way to teach children on how to take care of their teeth is to show them examples of the correct methods. There are several dental hygiene activities for kids that parents can show to toddlers to make oral care more fun and more effective in the process.

Educating your children

The first thing a parent can do is to educate their children. You should teach them what proper hygiene can do to promote lifelong dental health. Children should know that teeth are necessary in chewing food, and that they are also needed in order to speak fluently. Of course, do not forget to tell them that teeth contribute to a beautiful smile.

As soon as the permanent teeth come in, tell your kids that these have to be taken care of very well. You can check some information about oral health if you are not fully aware about the details of oral hygiene. Some of these websites offer games and activities intended for kids for them to understand dental hygiene fully.


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Brushing the teeth is one of the most important things a kid must do to maintain dental hygiene. This activity helps them remove the plaque and bacteria that cause cavities. Let your kids experience the actual brushing of their teeth so that they will experience how it feels. You can talk with your child whilst brushing and explain the importance of what you are doing.

Use toothpaste with fluoride that has been approved by experts. Choose preferably a flavor that attracts your child so she will be eager to brush again next time. It is recommended for kids to brush their teeth two times a day. You are advised to brush your teeth with your child to make it a family activity that their kid will look forward to. Teach them how to spit out the toothpaste instead of swallowing it.


Flossing the teeth is a little bit more difficult task for a child to perform. Most kids do not have the skill to move the floss in between their teeth and below the gum line. In case you cannot floss your child’s teeth properly using string floss, you can use floss picks instead as it makes the job a little bit easier.

Flossing is also considered essential in preventing cavities as it cleans in between the teeth. Dentists suggest that parents should start flossing their toddler’s teeth as early as the age of 2½ as their teeth begin touching one another. You can take charge of flossing your kids’ teeth until they are old enough to do so themselves. Several floss products are available which are specifically made for children.

Visiting the dentist

Experts suggest that a child should visit a dentist before turning one-year-old. This is to ensure that parents are using proper brushing and flossing techniques. The dentist can also perform an examination to diagnose if there are potential problems. This is also one way to erase your child’s fear of the dentist as he gets older. As the child reaches the age 2 ½ years, the dentist may include a topical application of fluoride to prevent oral diseases, cavities and dental caries.

These are but some activities you have to instill on your child’s mind as they are welcomed to the world of oral care. Instilling these in them will help them carry on with the process until they are old and grey. Remember to choose the right East York dentist to help educate your child with all these dental hygiene habits.

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