Are Aligners A Clear Winner Over The Traditional Braces?

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When almost every website in Google is praising a product, you can’t help but wonder if there are any limitations. This article will be informing you on some things to consider when you’re thinking of getting them for the straightness of your teeth. However, these cons do not outweigh their pros and most of them are pretty manageable. Addressing them is not much of a hassle, and it will indeed enhance the already excellent experience most people have with aligners, as compared to traditional braces.


Many people have this impression that wearing aligners instead of traditional braces will permit them to consume anything without the worry of disrupting the function of the aligners. Not to be a party pooper, but this sadly is not entirely correct. There are some things which will cause your aligners to gradually turn yellow, like the consumption of red wine and coffee.

Nonetheless it’s not that difficult to combat this problem – just be diligent with your dental care and limit your red wine or coffee consumption. The latter isn’t going to be easy though, considering the staggering percentage of today’s population being inclined, dependent or even addicted to coffee.

But this also does little to undermine the attractiveness of aligners once you compare it with the limitations which traditional braces impose: food which will be hard on your gums or teeth like chips, pizza, nuts, popcorn and many more (literally a whole list more) and even healthy food like carrots, corn on the cob, pears and apples are all prohibited in the book of traditional braces. Hence, the belief that aligners permit you to eat anything you want isn’t a hundred percent correct – we would say only eighty percent.


Clear aligners are more expensive than metal braces. Moreover, due to the ability of removal, the possibility of losing your aligners is definitely much higher than the chance of misplacing your braces and almost needless to say, this will incur higher costs of getting new ones. However, these things are also not that complicated.

About the cost issue per se, the increased cost is definitely worth it. Aligners do have so much benefits which braces do not have – increased comfort, much less pain (if not, absolutely none after adaption), more cosmetic appeal (people might not even realize that you’re wearing aligners) and many others.

And the issue of misplacing the aligners can also be combated, by of course, extra carefulness. Or better yet, keep the aligners on whenever you’re out, and only take them off at home. This, of course, should be done to the best of your ability, as sometimes you do have dinner gatherings or lunch meet-ups which require you to eat out and therefore remove the aligners while you’re out. In this cases, just make sure to take care of them properly. The point is to minimize any possibility of losing it as much as possible.

Severe dental cases

A moment of silence, this is the most sombre area. There are some dental cases which are too severe that the capacity of aligners will not be enough to salvage them. For these scenarios, braces might play the hero again. The thing about clear aligners is that it’s biomechanically designed to treat mild to moderate dental issues.

Patients with severe issues like severe overcrowding, spacing or crookedness sadly might be in need of conventional braces or other means of more advanced procedure. The needs of a severe case are more demanding, and plastic aligners just won’t cut it. It’s more challenging for plastic shells to be sufficiently forceful to deliver more demanding tooth modifications like closing up huge gaps and straightening an overcrowded and crooked cluster of teeth.

Therefore, for this case, it’s fairly inevitable to be denied the convenience of aligners. However, if one really wants the comfortable and cosmetic (but not financial) advantage of aligners, they can use braces for a period of time and then upgrade to aligners once the severity of their case is already allayed.

So here are the main issues of aligners. Hopefully you will be able to understand the strengths as well as the weaknesses in order to make an informed decision. Above all, aligners or braces, be diligent with your dental care – without your commitment, none will be effective.

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