5 Things You Wish You Would Have Known Before Getting Invisalign

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Many people who have undergone any kind of procedure look back on their experiences and say these four words “I wish I knew”. Well, if you are looking forward to use Invisalign, here’s your chance to be among the lucky few who do not have to say those exact words. Without further ado, here are five things that you should be aware of before getting Invisalign:

1. Should You Use an Orthodontist Or a Dentist to Help You with Invisalign?

This is where you find yourself at crossroads wondering which professional is the most ideal for the task at hand. A general dentist who has a lot of invisalign experience is no different from an orthodontist. On the other hand, an orthodontist who has vast experience in using not only invisalign but also other treatment systems may be the best suited for the job. It is recommended that you ensure that whether it is a dentist or an orthodontist who will offer you with the treatment is reliable in providing the most unrivaled service.

2. Is Invisalign Ideal for You?


The first thing that you must consider is whether this form of treatment is ideal for you or not. You have to keep in mind that invisalign is generally a product used for cosmetic purposes, which makes it imperative for you to ask your orthodontist whether you are a perfect candidate. While invisalign may be very good in some instances, there are those cases where they shouldn’t be used. For example, they shouldn’t be used if there are existing bite problems. If you aren’t ready to commit to wearing them for at least 22hours per day, then you aren’t an ideal candidate either.

3. What’s the Price?

After all is said and done, it will boil down to the power of your pocket, bank account or insurance plan. The cost of this form of treatment varies depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the problem being addressed, your geographical location, and the length of treatment. If you already have a dental or health plan, it would be wise if you check whether it covers orthodontic treatment and by what percentage.

4. Will You be Comfortable?

The biggest concern from most people is how they will feel once they have invisalign inside the mouth. You are probably wondering how you will talk and eat, or whether you will feel any pain or tenderness. Well, the first few days will be uncomfortable for you, but you will get used to having them as time goes by. To avoid further irritation, you shouldn’t examine the edges of the retainer with your tongue as it can leave this delicate organ scratched and sore.

5. Is Your Intimate Life Going to be Affected?

If you are a hopeless romantic, you should prepare to kiss your social and romantic life goodbye, at least until the trays are gone. This is because they give you a not-so-good smell, discolor your teeth and make you speak oddly. Whether your intimate life will be affected will depend greatly with the person you intend to get intimate with. You can kiss just fine with them, but make sure that your significant other doesn’t mind at all.

With the above few points, you now know what to expect with invisalign. It is highly advisable for you to have your dental problem evaluated by a dentist or an orthodontist so that it can be determined whether invisalign is the best solution. You should also seek advice on how you should take care of invisalign once they have been put in place. Having all this information beforehand will prevent you from getting some nasty surprises later on.

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