4 Types Of Braces That Can Be Used On Adults

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Dental braces are not just for teenagers and kids, they are for adults too. Approximately twenty percent of the total numbers of people who wear braces are adults. A major reason owing to this is the increase of subtle invisible options such as Invisalign braces. Adults can wear braces if they are experiencing problems with shifting teeth as they age. It may also be due to tongue thrust because of certain injuries.

Adults who formerly had straight teeth may start experiencing tooth problems whereby some teeth become crooked. This makes them to feel a lot of pain as they clean their teeth and may begin having self-esteem issues because of this. Other adults just get braces for cosmetic purposes to make their teeth straighter than they already are. If you are an adult, here are four types of dental braces to know about. This post will help you choose the right type for yourself and your needs.

Lingual braces

These braces are designed to hide behind your teeth such that they cannot be seen. They are usually more expensive as compared to both ceramic and metallic options because the process of fixing them is more complicated. When considering these braces you should consult with a professional orthodontist to get the most out of the procedure. However if you have small teeth these braces may not be best for you since they may cause you to have speech related issues as well as injuries.

Metal braces


Metal braces are the most inexpensive options available for adults with dental issues. They are the traditional braces and a main setback associated to them is that they are obviously visible making them an unpopular choice for many adults. Thin wires together with rubber bands are used to exert pressure on your teeth and you can move them to the places you prefer the most. You should also know that metal braces are potential irritants to your gums. Once you wear them, you have to be extremely careful with regard to what you consume since there are certain foods that tend to stick on the metal braces. Additionally hard foods can dislodge metal braces.

Invisible braces

These are the most ideal for adults who do not want other people to discover that they are wearing braces. In addition, they work for people who have small tooth issues and those who want braces for cosmetic purposes to straighten their teeth even more. Among the invisible braces, options are Invisalign. They are the most expensive of all braces options owing to the reason that they are literally invisible. They use custom fixed aligner technology instead of brackets to offer support to the teeth and straighten them even more.

You should remove these braces when you are eating, unlike the conventional metal braces. You should wear a different aligner at the onset of every two weeks to benefit the most from this technology. During the first two weeks of using invisible braces, you may experience lots of discomfort since they have a tendency of exerting a lot of pressure on your teeth

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are more expensive than their metal counterparts are. They are manufactured such that other people cannot see them. To hold ceramic braces in the right place, you have the option of choosing from clear elastic ties as well as white metal ties. Despite the fact that the ties can discolor, the ceramic braces themselves do not stain. For ceramic braces, you should visit your orthodontist regular and have the ties replaced and your braces adjusted. Again, they are extremely sensitive and break easily so extra care when handling them is critical.

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